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Full Version: url mybb problem
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Hello! I have mybb forum i want to make my url like thiis: it was /mybb i change iit to /forum but now when i wriite in iiinternet its sendinig me to the not to When im joiiniing diirect with /forum no problem.. Please help me Sad
you have to check how redirect is configured.
it could be through .htaccess file or through index.php file [in public_html folder]
wherever you have the redirect configuration, you can replace mybb with forum
Thank you for fast reply. Do I need to change this code in index of my theme?

^ No need to change such codes which have $mybb
Hello! I fix problem. I'm hostinig my websitie with xammp and there in htdocs folder i have a file index i change there header('Location: '.$uri.'/mybb/');
to header('Location: '.$uri.'/forum/');
and everything works Smile Thank you again for support Smile