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Full Version: PurgeSpammer for regular (trusted) users
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I'm trying to let some trusted regular users (who don't want to be full-role moderators) use the PurgeSpammer button.

For this I have
  • added a custom "Vigilantes" group,
  • set the PurgeSpammer configuration to give access ot the button to Vigilantes
  • added Vigilantes as a second group to said users(*)
Said users indeed get the "PurgeSpammer" button. But when they try to use it they get a "You do not have permission to access this page" (url is hxxps://{user})

PurgeSpammer is set to ban users (not delete them) by moving them to a custom "Spammer" group.

(*) strangely, this also has the side effect to let these people access the Admin/Mods forums. But that may be another question