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Full Version: Please help me Please
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How do I solve this ? Please help me

[Image: F9D0WFD.png]
forum admin panel >> configuration >> settings >> Modify Settings (tab)

at above location you can see setting groups and options button at the right side column.
you can delete the duplicate settings with care through that options button

if there is no option to delete the settings then those should be deleted through database
[with utmost care !]
how can I delete it from the database

how can I delete it from the database
You could also search for duplicate settings on this site for help.
I can't delete this

No button
if you have phpMyAdmin at web host control panel then open your forum's database
browse to settinggroups table , sort the data by name field , find the duplicates
and delete each duplicate row

if it is confusing then you may PM me temporary access to your web host panel
[you can give your own credentials & change them later]

I did what you said, And it happened. Thank you very much