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Full Version: Changing Colors / Adding Award Page
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Hello MyBB. I’m needing help changing the colors on my forum theme. I also need help adding a award page to the top of the page where “home” and those tabs are located. 

Thanks , Micah0220

bump still need help with this.
There have been multiple awards plugins made over the years. You'll need to choose one of them and install it. One such plugin I found on the extends section is: It hasn't been updated in some time though so I'm not sure if it still works. The author was a former dev.

You can either go to the Admin CP -> Themes -> Your theme and start editing the stylesheets or you can browse the Extend section of this website for a theme that suits you. If you are looking for a custom theme you can also try Theme Requests, be aware that you may be charged to get a custom theme.