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Full Version: Cannot log in?
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We cannot log in/out of our forum nor go to admin.  It just stopped working.

I don't expect help with fixing that, since I cannot get into the admin, but I did install a fresh download and wanted to know how to transfer my database from the old forum into the new one?

I'm a relative newbie, but understand my.sql and the program pretty well.

We've been using this for about five years - I'm upgraded to 8, though I can't remember what version of 8. (that another thing - it won't go to the forum without the index.php which happened after the last upgrade.)

1) Import your database copy using PHPMyAdmin or similar tool.
2) In the mybb_settings table, look for cookiedomain and cookie path. Change those values to for domain and '/' for cookie path.
3) If you have an inc/settings.php file, you'll need to edit those same settings in that file.
4) You should be good at this point.

For the requiring index.php, add to .htaccess
DirectoryIndex index.php
Thanks so much for the instructions. Didn't work. I'm not sure what I've done, but cannot get into the admin, people cannot log in. I'm going to try and convert over to another forum.
delete index.html file from the folder of your MyBB files server [trailerforum]

open ~/inc/settings.php file in editor like notepad++ or open it through file manager at web host panel

find $settings['bburl'] and change its value to
$settings['bburl'] = "";

now you should be able to login to forum & admin panel
again change board url at Site Details page of Configuration section in forum admin panel
i.e. remove /index.php for the board url