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Full Version: Custom MyCode Not Working
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I've added a MyCode to allow users to easily link to a profile by using a users UID.

It's not working. I've got no idea why, I've re-written it a multitude of times thinking maybe I screwed something up but still no success, any ideas?


<a href="/member.php?action=profile&uid=$1">$2</a> 

And  yes the code is enabled.
You were forgetting to escape a '/' since that is a special character in regex. Use this instead for your Regular Expression:

This also ensures the id entered is an integer instead of allowing all characters. Have a nice day. Smile

Removes the option to use it like so:
[id=1]Administrator Account[/id]

I'm not sure what you have given me but it broke the replacement code.
<a href="/member.php?action=profile&uid=$1">$2</a> 

:/ Not sure, maybe it's just my end.
I forget to put a \ before a closing ].