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Full Version: MyBB doesn't show some comments in threads
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Hello friends.
some members can not see the messages they have written. They can see when they are looking as visitors, but when they log in they can not see some of their messages.
The topic display mode of all members is set to "linear" ..

Can you help me?
Check permissions for users in ACP -> Users & Groups -> Groups -> {wanted group} -> Forums & Posts
As well as permissions for specific forums at ACP -> Forums & Posts -> {wanted forum} -> Permissions (maybe -> Set Custom Permissions)

Check for View options.
the problem continues.
Have you checked both and users can see both threads in forum and user permissions? Looks like problem is in that.
Please provide us your forum url and test account.
It is a permission setting issue, cannot reproduce.
Do the posts show eventually? And is it threads or posts? Showthread page or forumdisplay?

How large is your forum? Do you use any cache system? How about Cloudflare?