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Full Version: What is .razor in my forum's directory?
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I was just checking my forum's directory today(wanted to install a plugin) and i noticed a strange folder named .razor and ..spamassassin in my forum's main directory,please check the screenshot.

They have been recently installed(21st january 2018).

I have read something about them on google and it is something related to spam.But how can they make those directories on my forum?

And how can i block/remove them?

Please help.



this folders are not from the forum, they are installed by the owner of the server.

Talk to the server admin to be sure he/she installed it, and relax Wink
Many thanks for relaxing me,i have already contacted the hosting company and asked for infos.

Let us see what they say,i will update this thread when i got a reply from them.

if you research what they do i think you are safe.

If it said it was spyware or something, then i would be concerned.
Many thanks you too!

I think this thread can be closed and moved!

Kind regards!