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Full Version: Last post visibile to guests but not the whole forum
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How can i make the last post in a particular forum visibile to the guests on the main page of my forum?

When i click and select the option:

Can view threads within forum?

Then they can see all threads in a forum by entering into it. What i need is that they see the last thread on the main page but when they enter in that particular forum they can't see the other threads.

Is there any trick that can work there?

Unsure what you want here. You’re referring to multiple things in your post. So you basically want guests to see the last post in a thread only or the last thread on the threadlist page? Either way you’ll need a plugin.
Well,i have enabled the guests to view the major part of my forum but there are some particular sections,i have hidden from them.They need to register.

What i would like to have is that they can see the last post in that particular section on the main page of my forum but they won't be able to see all threads when they enter that section.

I hope i was clear.

I think that you should use plugin for that, that's not possible by default... Maybe you can request some here:
Can't it be done without a plugin?
Nope, I'm sorry
ok,then leave it

Thanks for replying.


Is it really impossibile to do it without a plugin?

I would really want to have this modification on my forum.

If not then,is it possibile to make the following?

The guests can see the whole forum,sections and threads(i know how to do it)

Now they can see the content of a thread but when they click on reply,they are notified to register or login AFTER clicking on reply button.(Standard MyBB)

I would like to make the notification after they click on thread's title and before they can see the threads content.

Thanks  a lot
You can make users possible to view thread but unable to replay to it.

But if you want to notify them that they need to register or login, you will again need a plugin for that. Why do you hate plugins so much anyway?

No that i'm hating plugins but i am already using many on my forum and would like to avoid installing anymore.

But if it can't be done,then i would ask for a plugin.

Thanks for your help.