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Full Version: Google SEO plugin issue with .htaccess
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Today i installed the Google Seo plugin on my forum.I have already activated it and i can configure it from my admin panel. I already got a .htaccess file in my forum's directory before installing that plugin.

The plugin is giving me an error/warning in admin cp.Please check the screenshot.

I have already added those lines manually in my .htaccess but that warning is still there.

Any ideas?

Please help.


It expects RewriteBase to be set above any other RewriteRule

It expects that workaround RewriteRule to be set before any other RewriteRule

(temporarily rename .htaccess to see the full output in expected item order, or refer to the included htaccess example file)

I have saved the old .htaccess to my pc and made a new one using the parameters/lines from your plugin.

Now it seems to be ok.In the old .htaccess i had added manually some spiders who were spamming my forum.If i see some strange activity,i will then add the old content to this new.

After applying all those modifications,my inc/function.php file is changed when i check my files via admin cp.

Is that ok?

Thanks for replying
Yes, it modifies functions.php directly, as there is no plugin hook for the get_forum/thread/…_link() functions.

May i ask if this plugin made by you,improves the site ranking on Google?

My forum is 11 months old and i got only 680 users.
If you're looking for the magical solution that pushes you to rank #1 - it doesn't exist, and if it did everyone would be using it, and back to square one.

The plugin is based on official Google documentation (such as ) and implements the suggestions made there (in as much as that was possible). So it certainly shouldn't hurt, but this isn't just about ranking, it's also about usability and user experience in general.

You should use Google SEO URLs not in hopes of reaching a better rank in Google, but because you like words in URLs (such as you find on Wikipedia) better than random numbers.

That aside, the plugin can only help on a technical level, not in terms of content.
ok,thanks,this can also be closed.