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Full Version: MyBB don't sending any mail / don't receiving any mail from MyBB
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Hi, after my forum shifted to new host i can't receive any mail.

not even mass mail or not activation account mail before it on my old host i receive it on Spam folder but now i don't receive anywhere.

can anyone tell me why and how can i fix this?
are you using php mail or smtp mail ?

check latest entries of system mail log. what do they say ?
[available at tools & maintenance section of forum admin panel]

see also MyBB faq: mail
nothing recently i use mass mail which is 100% useless i try 2 times but don't even receive once.

system mail log i think get fail on 1 member mail

Unable to connect to the mail server with the given details. Reason: 111: Connection refused
have a look at few search results

if you need direct help & if you can wait for few hours then
you may PM me temporary access to forum admin panel & web host control panel
Thanks but i have sent you temporary access and no problem take your time but fix this system and hope you can do something that can sent mail into inbox instead of spam.
Hi, Mass mail or any other mail from mybb like activation mail for new user are not sending but when i go cPanel => and send mail from here its working mean MyBB have problem. can anyone can help me.
^ oh! let me check it again ..
(2018-02-16, 01:44 PM).m. Wrote: [ -> ]^ oh! let me check it again ..

details sent please check PM on my forum
There are plenty of things to get right to get your mail accepted by email providers, but the basic two are:
  • check if  your new address isn't blacklisted (spamhaus et al.) due to the activity of a former user
  • change your SPF records to include the address of the new host (what should be done may depend on your registrar).
problem are solved by @.m. thanks bro +1

you can close this thread after answer me how can i makes my mail sent into inbox instead of spam.