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Full Version: Where are private message folder names saved?
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When I edit my private message folders and even add a new folder where is it saving that name in the database? I see that in the privatemessages table it only saves the folder ID where the mail is sitting in. I have searched every table and can not locate where this is saved.. Trying to import bunch of private messages from another system into my new myBB boards.

I'm not entirely sure on this one without looking but I'm pretty sure it would be in the language files in the ACP.

EDIT: just re read the thread......
Users table as column "pmfolders" for the custom boxes.
(2018-02-18, 08:50 PM)labrocca Wrote: [ -> ]Users table as column "pmfolders" for the custom boxes.

Thank you! Funny I looked everywhere but here. I even already migrated my users table from other system to this one but forgot about that PMFOLDERS field. 

This will be easier to find since I have a PR request that I am updating tomorrow which has all the column names for each of the mybb tables and says what they are for.