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Full Version: Receive email for all new threads?
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Our forum is quite small. Is there a way to receive an email anytime a NEW thread is started?

or you manually suscribe to every part of your forum, or use this mod:
(2018-02-19, 08:36 AM)NoRules Wrote: [ -> ]Hi,

or you manually suscribe to every part of your forum, or use this mod:

I'm guessing you either use this, or are the programmer.
With multiple themes, does this have to be loaded into each one, or will loading it into the Default work regardless of the theme used?
Does this apply to ALL forum members, or do they have to select an option to have this work for them?
^ do you have many themes in use !?
plugin's variable {$automaticsubscriptions} needs to be manually added to 2 templates of each theme.
details are given on the plugin's page

users will have its option while registering into the forum
AND also at their user control panel options

see also automatic subscription method guidance
I have added the line where specified in the 2 templates at the location specified for the Default theme, and figured out where to add it for the NetPen and Generic themes. Menu selection is at all the places where it is supposed to be. I selected "Subscribe to all new threads and posts" and verified that the plugin is enabled, but I'm not getting an email on either new threads or posts to that thread. I have to wait until this evening to double-check plugin install, but that was a pretty straightforward FTP drop. While I wait to get home, any suggestions on silly stuff rookies overlook getting this to working? :-)