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Full Version: Show Signature Privs revoked in postbit
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Hey there, Mybb Community!

I was wondering if there was a potential way to display an image in the users postbit if they've lost their signature privileges like this: 

[Image: 5bc7df514af8f4c01410b344f9e772bd.png]    I have it's position just below the groupicons in this example.

Multiple Usergroup Images on Postbit/Profile
(2018-02-27, 11:58 PM)iAndrew Wrote: [ -> ]Multiple Usergroup Images on Postbit/Profile

Does this support individual signature revoked images though? :/ I'm already using the multiple usergroups for the ranks but I'd looking to have it display if the user has their signature revoked.

Similar to how you'd make an individual image pop up like here:

I'm not too familiar with PhP as a language but looking through the admin panel code, is there something i could do with "$mybb->input['suspendsignature']" to display it in the postbit?
There are some ways to do that:
  • Install PHP in Templates / Complex Templates or Template Conditionals plugin.
    Then you can use conditional like this on your postbit or postbit_classic or postbit_author_user template (depends on where you want to place it):
    <if $post['suspendsignature'] then><div class="blah">Your signature is too awesome for us</div></if>

  • Use this HTML inside your postbit or postbit_classic or postbit_author_user template (depends on where you want to place it):
    <div class="blah_{$post['suspendsignature']}">Your signature is too awesome for us</div>
    Then add a class in your global.css
    .blah_0 {display:none;}
(2018-02-28, 03:26 AM)RateU Wrote: [ -> ]
  • -snip-

This is exactly what i was looking for!

On a side note regarding your reply though, i tried to also put it into the member_profile template but it stops the member page from responding.

EDIT: Nevermind, resolved it. Thank you so much! Smile Method one on the member_profile seems to break my page but the second method works fine.
Which one? By using the plugin or by using the CSS?
Member profile use different variable. You can try using $memprofile['suspendsignature']

Edit: didn't see your edit above.
Glad you can solve it Smile