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Full Version: WebMeetsAdmin - Domain + Host!!
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You may have seen my newest forum, WmA. You may have complained about my newest forum not loading.

...Not anymore!! We've now got a real host and domain!

<snip> (More details here: <snip>)

So now let me know what you think about the community since you can actually VIEW it! Big Grin

Constructive feedback welcome! Registrations too!

P.S. We lost the 100-ish posts we had but that's really no big deal... at all.

Edit by MrDoom: You are now using vBulletin and as such your links have been removed.
Now that is much better, fast response from the server, good page load times.

Well done.

Good luck with your site.
Nice stuff! I like the theme, too.
Thanks guys. FirefoxWiz has been doing a great job with the themes, and adding tons of great mods. It's really coming along well.
We got our directory but the thing is I've never done this before so I couldn't find any better directory scripts the actually worked.

I didn't do that categories yet but if you want you can just submit your link and when I do I'll organize them all for you.

I can understand you proudness of your unique concept, like you stated in your other posting (still on the freehosting), but uhhhh..... I personally think that it is a lot of coincidence that you have the same unique concept, the same boardscript and the same theme as we, at, do.

Since I am not interested in discussions about this, I wish you the best of luck and hope your site will be very helpfull to staffmembers and siteowners, but leave out the part about your uniqueness in the future, I reckon that would be more appropiate Wink
MartinM Wrote:the same theme as we, at, do.

The theme is a free theme designed by MyBBThemes Crew !
Reading might be difficult, I am talking about the whole concept.

When he states that he has got something that is unique and I see that het uses the same board, the same theme AND the same concept, I start doubting about the uniqueness and originality of his idea, wouldn't you agree??
What the hell are you talking about?

1. I've never seen your stupid foreign forum in my life.

2. Your dead foreign forum has 3 forums.

3. The theme is not the same. Actually, it is not even remotely close.

4. What the hell is the same board?

5. I will continue to carry on on how my forum is unique. Yours is garbage, in some other language - I have no clue what any of it is, and quite dead.

I think you are looking for attention here. Not from me.

You seem to be moving from MyBulletinBoard to vBulletin in the near future. The Showcase forum is, as you'll probably understand, only for showing MyBulletinBoard forums. Therefore this thread will be closed.