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Full Version: "New Reply" Button Returns Addendums
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At this location:

I used the "New Reply" button and only received in return an addendum to my last post.

I confess to being confused.  I must be doing something wrong, yes?
consecutive replies by a user without others replies in between are merged (within a time frame).
Thank you for the response.

May I be impolite and ask where the information in the documentation is located on that aspect of the software -- information for the regular member and the information for the admin?

I do not remember seeing anything about that when I studied this system back a few years ago and I somehow think something like that sort of idea would have jumped out and grabbed my attention, if I had seen it.

Yes, I could very well have just missed it, which is very likely.  But now I am in a sort of horrible rush to get too many things done and I am asking if a simple locator placed in an answer here could point me to all I need to know about that bit of code written into your software, thank you?

And the big question is, can the admin turn that feature off?

Again, thank you for the attention to my questions.

<>  <>  <>

And as it now starts to sink in after a few hours of sleep and as I see the "Preview" up there I realize that system is kind of cool.  I can understand why that could appeal to certain folks.  It sort of caught me off guard in that "Security Questions" thread and I admit, at first, I was perplexed toward the aggravated side, but now that it is sinking in, it is sort of implanting into my brain as sort of a neat feature, but it also might be that it is a feature that should be somehow pointed out to a new member in the early stage of their posting in a "regular" thread.  It might be it could catch new folks to the forum platform off-guard.

Is this a feature that has been around for a bit?  Are other folks writing that code into their board software?

Apologies that my brain seems to have kicked into third gear now on this thing.  I'll pause for some answers.

But pretty neat feature.
forum admin panel >> Configuration [Settings] >> Posting --> Post Merge Time
Quote:With this enabled, posts posted within x minutes by the same author right after each other, will be merged.
Set the time limit (in minutes) to merge posts. Set to 0 to disable this feature. Default: 60
we might have set it to 24 hours on this community forum.

[related documentation]

edit: similar setting exists on other popular forum software
Thank you very much for taking time to focus on my queries here, but is there a chance that you put the wrong link in your answer?

I am asking because of this notice I saw on the page you sent me to.

Quote:The 1.6 Documentation is no longer maintained and some information may be outdated.

Surely you have documentation available for us that does not contain outdated information; in a reasonable sense, I mean.

Like, if something was changed in the code last month, we would accept that it takes time for the documentation to be updated, but that seems to go back a few years (2015) and "reasonable" has to come into play, in that case.  Well, in my view.

Of course, it might just be you posted the wrong link, so then I owe you an apology for making an issue of the "outdated" thingy up there.

And thank you, again.
^ most of the documentation made for MyBB 1.6 is still valid for MyBB 1.8.x

guidance made for MyBB 1.8.x is yet to be improved ..

[MyBB documentation - recent related topic]
Do you happen to need somebody with writing skills to help you?

I just did a fine piece of writing a couple of hours ago for our Google group that can illustrate the point that I know how to write.  If you wish for proof.

I wasn't able to donate money to this project, so maybe I can donate some time and skill.

And, yes, creative writing skills can be adjusted for technical pieces of written work.  My early background in engineering was in aviation, so that is why I can adapt my style to the more technical style that is needed in the documentation that would be required for a project of this nature.

Could you use some help?
Yes, we always appreciate some help. The docs are available on GitHub, so you can edit them and push a PR. Read this post for more informations.
.m. Wrote:consecutive replies by a user without others replies in between are merged (within a time frame).

Ya a couple VBB sites I am on have it setup like that also..........