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Full Version: About report notices
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Hello all.

I have noticed that the notification about existing reports (meaning the "There are currently X unread reports" message) does not appear on top of the board. Not even for the administrator account. I can see the current reports in the ModCP and I also get email notifications but not the notice.

Do I need to modify some template or something? Currently using (testing actually) the latest version of MyBB, with the default theme and no plugins.
check whether header template contains {$unreadreports} [code segment]
Yes, the code is there but nothing shows up. Maybe something isn't executed somewhere? I even did a complete reinstallation and it persists.
Do you set the Reported Content Notification Method setting (in General Configuration) to Sent via Email and shown in the Mod CP? If so, the notification won't be displayed.
Oh, I do. I thought the notice on top was not connected to these settings. But your reply lets me know that I haven't messed up anything, so thank you very much.