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Full Version: Show Most Viewed Threads based on days?
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hai all, I want to show most viewed threads based on 7 days  before today, can anybody help me out?

I create this code

    $most_viewed = $cache->read("most_viewed_threads", true);
$x = 0;
    foreach($most_viewed as $key => $thread)
        if($x <= 7)  
            $thread['subject'] = htmlspecialchars_uni($parser->parse_badwords($thread['subject']));
            $numberbit = my_number_format($thread['views']);
            $thread['threadlink'] = get_thread_link($thread['tid']);
            eval("\$diskusi_most .= \"".$templates->get("index_most_viewed")."\";");
but how to filter it to 7 days before today only?

thanks Big Grin