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Full Version: Posts are bold (i guess randomy..sometimes yes..sometimes not)
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MyBB 1.8.14 (latest)

On my MyBB forums most of the new posts (and some old) posts are bold. I checked them, they are not bold by mycodes or ctrl+b

I added some new plugins some days ago..but i cant remember all..i guess it was mysupport, ajax shoutbox, activate users from mod cp, form creator, ....
but nothing which modify the mycodes etc. i guess....
well...any ideas? thanks for any help..
if you need more information just ask..
i really dont know how this could be done..

Greetings Animizio
post test url (where you have such unintentional bold texted post)
& also provide a test user account so that someone can check it ..
Okay thanks for you answer!

This is the test login:


same thread:
without bold and normal:
with bold and "bugged":

Hope anyone can help?! Smile