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Full Version: 403 Forbidden On Posts
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Starting today March 5th, 2018, when attempting to do posts of a couple paragraphs in the 'new reply', my MyBB forum began giving me 403 Forbidden errors (attached screenshot) on hitting submit, and using the quick reply would simply just not go through. However, short posts (such as 'test post') would go through just fine.

I'm running the most recent version, and my URL is (I apologize for the forums roughness, I'm not good with skinning). This installation has been active for over a year now, and this is the first time I recall having this particular issue. Both myself and another member have experienced this issue.

The forum doesn't require any special permissions for posting (just please let everyone know it's a test account, since it's an roleplay forum).
looks like mod_security is affecting. contact your web host & request to disable it
That fixed it. Thank you.