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Full Version: Display warn on a users post
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Hey mybb.

Quick question regarding warnings, I've been looking far and wide for an efficient way to display on a users post if they've been warned, and the reasoning for it. I've seen a plugin floating around but it only displays it to moderators, and i was hoping to have it done without needing to install an plugin separately. 

If anybody at all could help me out with this, it would be appreciated. Thank you.
(2018-03-07, 12:27 AM)Brian. Wrote: [ -> ]Try

This is actually the plugin i tried, thanks for the suggestion.

My only issue with this plugin is that it doesn't cater to expired warns and can only be viewed by moderators :/
There is note moderator. Which can only be implemented by mods/admins and everyone can see them.

However this is completely separate than the warning system.

We use this plugin and we mostly use note moderator for everything, and use warning system for the more problematic people.

I also just tried that plugin suggested, and it shows to all users, not just moderators for me by default.
I'll take a look at this and see how it goes, thanks metulburr.