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Full Version: Need help asap
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I just a noob developer, want to add more admin levels like trial admin, server admin, etc 
And how to add projects instead of stars? 
How to change the star project color, Thanks!
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MyBB ships with yellow stars by default. You can download more graphics for MyBB 1.8 here :

You can create new groups in the Admin CP.

Admin CP -> Users & Groups -> Groups -> Add New User Group

Go ahead and fill it out and on the next page you can set the permissions

To add another image instead of stars do the steps above but in the Group Image put where your stored the group images.

Example :

or you can do the same but with User Stars and use the # of Stars box to set how many stars are displayed.
And how to change the color of the star? And limit them to one star, two etc
You put the number of how many stars you want in the # of Stars box and to change the color just download different stars off of the MyBB mod site or Google if you can find them and save them into the image folder in your forums root and in the box that's next to # of Stars add the image path there.

Example :

Graphics :
I want to add more admins levels like trial and server admin,

And on graphics I can't see stars

I can't fill In the right way can you tell me the everyone's request?

How to change the trial position stats color, like trial is pink how to change this color?