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Full Version: [1.8] My Images Upload - Firebase Integration
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My Images Upload

What is this?

My Images Upload is a very simple alternative to attachment mod. It works only with images and allows users to quickly add images to posts. All images are stored on your Firebase Project and it will automatically inserted in posts after successfully uploaded. This mod is easy to install and easy to use.


- Browse or Drop images

- Loading Notification

- Images name after choose an image

- Automatically insert into post

- Save your server disk space

- More features will be added soon...

My Images Upload Preview

Plugin Installation

Plugin Config

Plugin Show below Textarea

Plugin Uploading Process

After Finish automatically insert into post

Plugin Detail

v1.0 - Download here
- Initial Release

Poeja Network
are you planning support .webp image format?
let see if i have more time to make it, thanks for ask
This looks awesome and just what I am after, thanks for sharing!

I look forward to the release.
Just wait for mybb staff to approve my plugin

download link added in first post
do you have any demo site for testing? I really want to try what happens when try to add .webp image
Sory don't have demo yet, just try it