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Full Version: Cookies not working after transferring forum
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Hi MyBB forum. I recently transferred a forum to my new web host. The cookies do work on the old host. I set up the mysql server and the forum works, but the cookies won't.

Forum is hosted on the root directory

The board url is ""
The domain is "" 
The cookies path is "/"

This is the recommend setting, but it's still not working. I changed the inc/setting.php and inc/config.php multiple times. Still unsure what the problem is. Could it be the old .htaccess files? I have also cleared cookies on my browser.

MyBB Version
PHP Version
SQL Engine
MySQLi 5.6.32
if you suspect that old .htaccess file is affecting then rename it as htaccessnew.txt & check if it helps.

provide your forum url so that someone can check the cookies
My forum url is, I will try that now.

Could it also be because the old forum was configured for SSL but this forum is not? I can't access the admin panel because cookies don't work so if you know to change that in the settings.php that would help. I deleted most of the .htaccess files.
as you said, your forum cookies appear to be fine and users are
able to login & post. do you still have problem with logging into
forum admin panel
? have you tried using a different browser ?