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Full Version: You have selected an invalid theme.
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I am trying to make a change to my child theme css and no change will save, I get the error: "You have selected an invalid theme."
exactly which version of MyBB you are using ? is your forum recently
upgraded from a previous version of MyBB - if so from which version ?

run file verification tool from below location. what does it report ?
admin panel >> tools & maintenance >> file verification

ignore reported images & ignore files reported from install folder & its sub-folders
I went from 1.8.12 to 1.8.14. The file verification shows:

xyz/jscripts/jqueryui/css/redmond/jquery-ui.structure.min.css Changed
xyz/jscripts/jqueryui/css/redmond/jquery-ui.theme.min.css Changed
xyz/jscripts/jqueryui/css/redmond/jquery-ui.min.css Changed
xyz/jscripts/jqueryui/js/jquery-ui.min.js Changed
xyz/jscripts/codemirror/mode/htmlmixed/htmlmixed.js Changed
xyz/jscripts/codemirror/mode/xml/xml.js Changed
xyz/jscripts/codemirror/mode/css/scss_test.js Changed
xyz/jscripts/codemirror/mode/css/test.js Changed
xyz/jscripts/codemirror/mode/css/scss.html Changed
xyz/jscripts/codemirror/mode/css/less.html Changed
xyz/jscripts/codemirror/mode/css/css.js Changed
xyz/jscripts/codemirror/mode/css/less_test.js Changed
xyz/jscripts/codemirror/mode/javascript/test.js Changed
xyz/jscripts/codemirror/mode/javascript/typescript.html Changed
xyz/jscripts/codemirror/mode/javascript/javascript.js Changed
xyz/jscripts/codemirror/LICENSE Changed
xyz/jscripts/codemirror/addon/search/searchcursor.js Changed
xyz/jscripts/codemirror/addon/search/matchesonscrollbar.js Changed
xyz/jscripts/codemirror/addon/search/search.js Changed
xyz/jscripts/codemirror/addon/search/match-highlighter.js Changed
xyz/jscripts/codemirror/addon/fold/xml-fold.js Changed
xyz/jscripts/codemirror/addon/fold/brace-fold.js Changed
xyz/jscripts/codemirror/addon/fold/indent-fold.js Changed
xyz/jscripts/codemirror/addon/fold/comment-fold.js Changed
xyz/jscripts/codemirror/addon/fold/foldgutter.js Changed
xyz/jscripts/codemirror/addon/fold/foldcode.js Changed
xyz/jscripts/codemirror/addon/dialog/dialog.js Changed
xyz/jscripts/codemirror/addon/dialog/dialog.css Changed
xyz/jscripts/codemirror/addon/dialog/dialog-mybb.css Changed
xyz/jscripts/codemirror/lib/codemirror.js Changed
xyz/jscripts/codemirror/lib/codemirror.css Changed
xyz/styles/default/main.css Changed
xyz/styles/default/modal.css Changed
xyz/modules/tools/system_health.php Changed
xyz/modules/tools/modlog.php Changed
xyz/modules/tools/spamlog.php Changed
xyz/modules/tools/tasks.php Changed
xyz/modules/tools/mailerrors.php Changed
xyz/modules/tools/statistics.php Changed
xyz/modules/tools/maillogs.php Changed
xyz/modules/tools/recount_rebuild.php Changed
xyz/modules/tools/adminlog.php Changed
xyz/modules/forum/moderation_queue.php Changed
xyz/modules/forum/attachments.php Changed
xyz/modules/forum/announcements.php Changed
xyz/modules/config/languages.php Changed
xyz/modules/config/mycode.php Changed
xyz/modules/config/banning.php Changed
xyz/modules/config/smilies.php Changed
xyz/modules/config/questions.php Changed
xyz/modules/config/plugins.php Changed
xyz/modules/home/preferences.php Changed
xyz/modules/home/credits.php Changed
xyz/modules/home/index.php Changed
xyz/modules/user/groups.php Changed
xyz/modules/user/awaiting_activation.php Changed
xyz/modules/user/group_promotions.php Changed
xyz/modules/user/banning.php Changed
xyz/modules/user/users.php Changed
xyz/modules/style/templates.php Changed
xyz/modules/style/themes.php Changed
xyz/inc/functions_themes.php Changed
xyz/inc/class_page.php Changed
xyz/index.php Changed
xyz/jscripts/codemirror/addon/search/jump-to-line.js Missing
xyz/jscripts/codemirror/mode/css/gss_test.js Missing
you might have correct version files at subfolders of "admin" named folder.
can you move all those files to your renamed admin folder

check the child theme css saving issue again after moving / reuploading correct version files
Ok, I can find these files in subfolders of admin. But I'm not sure what exactly you are asking me to do with them. I'm not sure if I should find a renamed admin folder or create one.
^ you have to move all those subfolders & their contents to your renamed admin folder

you can select all contents of admin named folder with file manager of your web host control panel
and move them to the renamed admin folder.
I'm sorry I am still confused. I see my admin folder. I can move all those subfolders to a renamed admin folder. Is the renamed admin folder in existence already or do I create it? I do not see a folder named 'renamed admin'.
^ oh, your renamed admin folder is replaced by xyz in your previous post #3
that folder name ends with x ... if you are still confused then please PM me
Ok, got it now. Thank you. I would like to avoid this in future. Is there an easy way to change my renamed admin folder back to admin. I forgot what file to change the name of the folder in.

Ah yes, the config.php

So, I have changed back to admin, and the file verification says everything is fine, but I still get the error: "You have selected an invalid theme." when I try and change the css.
^ would you like to PM me temporary access to forum admin panel to check it
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