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Full Version: Scrollbar doesn't work for Firefox?
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Hi guys!

I've seen some dated info about this but can't seem to find a solution.

I have several div boxes in my coding (for an easy to navigate guidebook) but the scrollbar isn't working for Firebox.
Apparently this is a common issue - what is an easy fix/solution for it?

Thanks for any tips or any hints as to where to find some more info!
which scrollbar you are referring to ? scroll bars look normal for me at your forum (eg. #)
Oh! Sorry. Click the Guidebook. The scrollbars in the Guidebook aren't working (so the text is hidden, but you can't scroll to see the rest - whereas you can in Chrome and Safari).
for the div element you have fixed height (300px). it needs overflow: scroll; property
( it can be like => overflow-y: scroll; or overflow-y: auto; )