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Full Version: Invalid administration session
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    When I go to the admin CP from my forum, it loads up. As soon as I attempt to change tab or perform an action, typically the first click. It puts me back at the admin CP login screen.
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  • New installation or upgrade (from which version of MyBB)?
    Version 1.8.14I recently re-did my cookie settings a couple days ago to fix login sessions on the forum and I've had no issues with anything until now. I have double checked my settings file and they are correct. CHMOD 666.I have noticed when I browse the site normally I typically have no www. in the URL, but when I'm on the admin CP, it adds it in automatically.

Edit: I just attempted to access on my laptop rather than my usual tablet and it was the same issue. However when I tried in an incognito tab, it works fine. I have cleared cookies on both tablet and laptop.

Edit: I just played around with these 'Site Details' URLs, completely messed everything up and set these, seems to be working fine now.