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Full Version: Display error
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Request some help on issues below:
If I go to the server computer and go to http://localhost/mybb the forums show up perfect. All the themes are in place, everything looks beautiful. However when I try from a different computer to go to http://MYIP/mybb I get the forums without the themes. 

Below is the display from another pc. 

Any way i can solve this issues.

By the way, i'm using default themes.

[Image: mybb_zpsb1kikjmn.png]
Your your {$mybb->asset_url} is pointing wrong location. This generally happens is case of setting invalid board url while setting up MyBB.

ACP > Configuration > Settings > Site Details > Board URL
Is fixed and generating (in your case) "http://localhost/mybb/cache/themes/theme1/" or something like as your asset url and breaking your css / js files paths.
Thanks Effone,

adjust the setting you mention, and it show perfectly.

thank you very much.