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Full Version: Warn system error message missing
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Warning system has "daily warn limit" based on usergroups, one of my moderators noticed that when he gives 3 warns in a day, he is not getting any error message and instead gets empty text area (it has table head, but it doesnt have anything written.)  Any idea whats causing it and how can I make it show an error message saying "you can give 3 warns per day, you need to wait X amount of time to give another one"?
looks like triggered error message is "An unknown error has occurred." !
Actual message should be from datahandler_warnings.lang.php
$l['warnings_reached_max_warnings_day'] = 'You cannot warn anyone as you have reached your limit on the number of warnings you can give out per day.<br /><br />The maximum number of warnings you can give out per day is {1}."';
No actually it doesn't even say "An unknown error has occurred", it's just empty.

I can find that error message in language options, datahandler_warnings.lang.php.
I used file verification in admin panel and there's no change related to warnings.
exactly which version of MyBB you are using ?
And which language pack you are using ?

<-- Edit: removed suggestion related to file verification -->
1.8.14 currently. I am waiting for hotfix to upgrade.
I asked my moderator to test it in both English original and local version.
you can add below code in warnings.php file after $lang->load("warnings");

[more details]
So it's actually fixed in 1.8.15?
^ yes.