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Full Version: Can't login and log out
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I've checked that cookies settings are okay but i can't still login or log out, what could be the problem?

My forum :
try forum url without www (#) - does it help in login & logout work fine ?
It doesn't do anything, i can't log out or login :/
have you tried using a different browser ? looks like some users are able to login & post (#)
It's because some of them are already logged in, like me. I'm logged in but i can't log out, and vice versa people who aren't logged can't log in
can you log into forum admin panel & navigate around without any problems ?

if so, temporarily make MyBB's Stock theme as default theme. clear your browser
cookies by clicking link on this page. close your browser, reopen it & try again
whether login & logout work ..
It appears this error :
^ replies here can be helpful ..
Thank you so much, the problem was caused because i used notepad to edit my files instead notepad++. Now it's working good. Big Grin