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Full Version: Rate system only in certain forums
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Hello, when I created my forum I disabled rating system (with stars etc.) because it wasn't fitting for most threads. But I noticed that one of subforums I have could really use it, it's basically subforum where you can create a main thread for certain product. So it would be really nice if I can activate rating system "only for that subforum" but keep it disabled in rest of the forum. Is it possible?
You can use template conditionals for that.
I am not aware of your coding skills so not going in depth of the coding details right at this moment.
Yeah.. not very high skills here. But if it's something useful to learn in long run I might try to give it a shot.
There is a setting Yes, allow threads to be rated in each forum.
Enable the Thread Rating in Forum Display Options.
Unchecked the Yes, allow threads to be rated for each forums except for the forum(s) you want to use it.