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Full Version: Using user permissions & identifiers for non-forum section of website
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^^^ Forgive me if the title is not worded correctly.  As you will come to appreciate in this post, my knowledge of these topics is amateur at best

I've created a Web App for my Forum Members; it is nothing to do with the MyBB Forum software but is hosted on the same domain as the Forum and works alongside it.  Users will be required to log in to view the DB, and whilst I can easily achieve this on the Web App (i.e they have a separate login for the Web App), I would rather members only have to log in once (via the Forum).

Is the above achievable, and how would I go about achieving it?
Create custom page in MyBB and port your app inside that page using existing MyBB System so that you can use MyBB login.
Here is a kick start: