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Full Version: Can't use modules in ACP
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link to my forum: (it's in german, so yeah)

I can login to the normal /admin/index.php but I get kicked out if I navigate to the other tabs in the ACP.
I checked my Cookie Settings in /inc/settings.php several times but I doesn't work.
What shall I do?
exactly which version of MyBB you are using ?

in the settings.php file change value of cookieSecureFlag to 0 (zero)
and then clear your browser cookies by clicking link on this page
close your browser, reopen it & try again login to forum admin panel

if you can navigate fine in the admin panel then at the Site Details
page of Configuration section turn OFF cookie secure flag (set to No)
Setting cookieSecureFlag to 0 helped.
But I don't find it in the ACP to set to No

I'm using Version 1.8.15
^ check at below location. does it contain Secure Cookie Flag setting ?
forum admin panel >> Configuration [Settings] >> Site Details >> Secure Cookie Flag