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Firstly, flashwire is a group, that basically makes flash games and flash movies, and perhaps in the distant future, other categories of projects will be added to the list, such as graphics design, and others.

Currently, I have a regular HTML based website setup, which in the future, will be turned into CSS/HTML, but for now - it remains simplistic HTML. Also, I have a forums system setup. This uses MYBB, because I've had really bad experience with other forums systems.

My goal, is to make the site and forums as good as it can be, if this is not possible, I will keep going on, making it better and better, until everyone is satisfied with features, and functionality. If you signup for the forums, please bookmark the forums, so you don't just all-of-a-sudden forget about us. Also, when you're a member on the forums, don't forget to refer all you're buddies, because I'm always looking forward to welcoming new members!

Site: Here
Forums: Here

My final words, are just... don't ask to become an administrator or moderator, I'll consider moderation for some users, but administrators are out of the question. Soon, I'm getting a domain name for this site, to be more "professional" I guess, but not for awhile.