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Full Version: Edit Username missing from user page
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Help! I can't see any way to edit username. Apparently where it says to change passowrd and change email it should also have a link to change username. But it is not there.

Alternatively can you teell me the direct link? I tried this but it does not work.
http:// [] /usercp.php?action=username
It goes to a white screen.

I also went to the user settings in Login and Registration Options to see if there is minimum days but I set it to 1 day (user was created a year ago) and still the Change Username link does not show up.

Please help! This is very importantly needed.
in general, normal users do not have privileges to change own user name.
it is a group based privilege.

forum admin panel >> users & groups >> groups >> [Edit a group]
>> Users and Permissions (tab) >> Account Management >> Can change username?
Wow thanks so much!! This worked!! Wow!!