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Full Version: Modal popups bug
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I've got a bug with the modal popups (like the login box, the buddy lists, etc. that appear in the middle of the page and that you can close by clicking outside of it or on the X at the top right of it).

I've just updated from 1.8.7 to 1.8.15, and now those popups display at the bottom left of the screen, without the rest of the screen becoming black-ish, and the X appears at the top right of the screen (instead of the top right of the popup).

Apparently, the bug comes from ./jscripts/jquery.plugins.min.js; I've tried replacing it with one from the previous versions: same issues with the one in the 1.8.14 and 1.8.13 packages, works normally with the jquery.plugins.min.js from the 1.8.12 package.
I've tried looking at it, but jQuery and me...
There are several reports about that modal but I couldn't reproduce it. Everything works fine for me in every version, every browser.
If you can link to a problematic page may be I can try and dig a little ...
Sadly that's on my company's internal forum so it's not accessible from the Internet, maybe installing 1.8.7 then upgrading to 1.8.15 would allow reproducing it; but really I mostly wanted to know if that was a general bug or just because of the upgrade. I'm just using the 1.8.12 version of that file and it looks like everything's working correctly.
please see this post
basically modal popup code needs to be updated in global.css of the theme
Oh it works now, thanks a lot! Smile