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Full Version: Upload many photos, stop number of pictures
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I try to upload about 800 images on my forum but only get about 500 pictures. I've put everything with 0 under admin but still there is a stop.

Is there anything under the script that you have to do so you can upload a thread with about 800 images?

Uploading works well with imagehost, but when creating a thread and executing the thread, you only get about 500 images.

No one can help me?

There is a barrier to image posts. You can post 500 pictures on a post, but you must be able to change.

I want to post ex 1300 pictures if required.

Is it in the script? Or below the editor? Anyone that can help me?

[Image: dOFY3RI.png]

Only receives 524 pictures on one post. This I want to delete so you can add ex 850 pictures or more.
No one can answer this question? How do you remove the barrier?
I very much doubt MyBB hard-limit the amount of images you’re allowed to upload. Why the hell are you uploading so much anyway? It could possibly be your PHP configuration that’s interrupting the uploading process. If you have your own server you can always review this and make the necessary changes. I’d recommend using an external image host and linking it in your post or zipping your images and attaching the zip file to your post.
(05-15-2018, 04:08 AM)OakleY Wrote: [ -> ]No one can answer this question? How do you remove the barrier?

You'll need to check with your hosting provider and ask them if they have a daily file upload limit. 

Check your hosting plan and see how much web space your plan allows.

Mine is up to 20 GB. Any pictures/videos that I have, are placed on 3rd party websites such as Imgur. No need to waste space on the website itself.

So, if you have up to 1,300 pictures, my guess is that your hosting plan does not have enough room for it.

Use Imgur to off-load those pictures and link them back to your website.
Thank you for the answers.

I have 75 GB of web space and used 1 GB. I use IMGBox as well as Imgur as host but still only 520 pictures in a post.
Maybe your code for the 800 images exceeds the max. message length for posts. By default it's 65535 characters. For more you would have to change the message field type in your database.
I have one domain of the phpBB platform of the latest version and it is on the same web host and everything. There you can upload as many pictures without problems.

There is an image host that takes 1500 pictures and it's max and when you upload these pictures and paste here under MyBB, there will be more than 500 images with. But when I upload this under phpBB3, it's no problem.

Where is the problem then under MyBB?