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Full Version: CSS after upgrading MyBB
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I just upgrade to 1.8.15 from 1.8.12 and checked recaptcha but nothing new appears. I mean recaptcha v2.
This is another problem, I actually made this thread to ask you guys about CSS if you too are facing.

I visited the site and clicked the register button to see how it appears there. What I see is...

Look the above image where the day, month and year selection box appear bottom the text. Is there CSS issue or something else? How to fix this?


Tell me if I am only having this. Visit the site and click register button ... Gaming Power Way
can you switch to MyBB's Stock Theme and check if the same issue occurs ..
Yes, I have checked with default themes and it worked fine...only this theme is having this ...

Should I move to another...?
I got this theme to show side bars for latest activity and there are no more themes similar to this one...mostly takes too much time finding a theme.
please report netpen theme related issues at the theme coder's forum here (external site link)
global.css - around line 442

.trow1 .smalltext, .trow2 .smalltext {
    width: 80%;
    float: left;
    padding: 3px 0 5px 7px;

you can try removing width & float properties by commenting out (like below)
.trow1 .smalltext, .trow2 .smalltext {
   /* width: 80%; */
   /* float: left; */
    padding: 3px 0 5px 7px;

remember hard refreshing your browser [eg. press CTRL + F5]
on member registration page to check the style changes ..