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Full Version: Problems with first install
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Hi, installed MyBB yesterday having used myphpBB for many years but wanted a fresher look.  However I am having problems some of which I have tried to sort out.

1. Will not log me out or in sometimes << I have read this may be a problem with cookies but I have it set up as it should be. my domain is: I have the forum in a folder called mybb

2. Having to refresh pages after each update or post and sometimes it does not show for some time

3. I update changes on the ACP and they don't take affect do I need to refresh forum database?

Any ideas?
1. If it comes to the login issue what you have indicated it in most cases are related to cookies only. Make double sure about the cookies path you have set. If possible carryout some testing to identify whether the login cookies are still remains after logout.
2. & 3. The same issue I have faced with WordPress, though never with MyBB, but the reason came out as restricted memory usage permission by the host. You may discuss with your host to sort out this or try a different host just to check this still happens or not.

Also, for being double sure, if you are under CloudFlare, try disabling it or put it in developer mode for testing the issues still occur or not.
I have just been testing and I have found that I can log in and out but it does not show on the forum until I refresh the screen myself. Any ideas?
I told you what to do. It is related to browser / system cache or poor memory / resource availability.

1. Try flashing your browser cache / try hard refresh several times (Ctrl+F5) / try some other browser.
2. If you are on Windows try flushing system DNS. Open command prompt and enter ipconfig /flushdns. Restart system. If problem still persists again open command prompt and enter netsh winsock reset. Reboot again.
3. Contact your host.
Hi effone,
did all the above and still no joy. When I call my hosting provider what am I asking them to do? thanks