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Full Version: How to restore forum to a new host?
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I have a MyBB forum running on my old website and I want to move it to a new host. My new host is on AWS and it has a fresh install of MyBB on it and running. 

I'm guessing that I could:
- export the old forum from phpMyAdmin (any particular way or settings?)
- delete all the tables in the new forum in phpMyAdmin
- import the backup I made 

Am I missing anything? 

BTW, my forum is extremely bare plugins, themes or anything special and very few users.

Another thing: What about any configuration settings that come with the backup? I'm concerned if the url of the forum is not the same from the old host to the new one. The old forum was, but the new one will be 

Any help here would be greatly appreciated.
If you're going from an older install to a new, fresh install, the first thing you would want to do is make sure your MyBB versions are the same across both, so we don't run into schema problems.

Second, if you have ssh access, which with AWS I would assume you do, you don't have to use phpMyAdmin to do this, you can actually just use the MySQL command line to restore a backup of your database over. This can be in sql.gz or .sql format.

Since you've changed your domain too, you will need to edit your inc/config.php file to point to the new subdomain, and your cookie domain would need to be changed in inc/settings.php as well. Configuration should largely reside in these php files, rather than on the database.