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Full Version: Groupimage To Labeltext
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The plugin adds the ability to change rank images to labeltext. It also allows you to display additional ranks.

Plugin work in:
- Users profile
- Theards and posts
- memberlist

If you have any ideas, write to me a PM.

Specjal thanks to:
[email protected]NiespecjalnieUzdolniony (help in optymalization)
[email protected] (pomysł na rozwój dodatku)
[email protected] (pomysł na rozwój dodatku)

Step 1. UPLOAD
Send file from UPLOAD/ folder to main catalog of your MyBB forum.

Step 2. CSS Style
In CSS file of your style (ex. global.css) add CSS code of plugin - example value are in STYLES.txt file in ZIP.

Step 3. Installation
Instal Groupimage to label text plugin in your ACP.

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