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Full Version: Issue with inserting attachment to post (position of attachment in textarea)
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It seems that something has changed with MyBB 1.8.15 when inserting an attachment in a post.

How to reproduce what happens:
  1. fill the textarea with content.
  2. add an attachment and recognize that as due to this action, the textarea is not active anymore 
  3. insert attachment to the post and see where "[attachment=XX]" will be placed
Whereas MyBB 1.8.14 put the attachment at the end of the text in the textarea, MyBB 1.8.15 always put the attachment at the beginning of the text. Beforehand inserting the attachment you now have to place the cursor at the position (end of text) where you want to place the attachment.

This has been confirmed by some users of the German MyBB board.
If I understand correctly, now you have to put your cursor at the position where you want the attachment to be (otherwise it'll add itself to the start of the post), but before it would automatically be at the end of the text? Unsure this can be called a bug IMO. Could even be argued that this is the correct behaviour...
This seems to be invalid.