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Full Version: How to have more than one userbar image on a user?
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I've also been trying to figure this issue out too. For some reason no matter which plugin I download and try (I've tried three plugins that do the same thing to make multiple userbar images possible) and none work.

I've checked the templates as a few of them said they may have to have variables defined in certain templates... But they already were in there.

They just won't work! Please help! I've tried 2 different themes and they don't work.
Download Template Conditionals plugin by ZiNgA BuRgA & install it!


ACP >> Templates & Style >> Templates >> your-template >> Postbit Templates >> postbit or postbit_classic

After {$post['groupimage']} add this code!

<if {$post['usergroup']} != 4 then><img src="/images/usergroups/admin.png"></if> <--for admins-->
<if {$post['usergroup']} != 2 then><img src="/images/usergroups/member.png"></if> <--for registered members-->
And so on...

Customize the code as you want!

Thank You!
Edit: Fixed! I was apparently brain dead this whole time and was using the star images instead of the group image. I have fixed it now.