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Full Version: Trying to change banned to Temp Suspension
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I'm trying to change the banned to Temp suspension next to user profile:

[Image: banned4.jpg]

I've changed the language in the global.language.php and member.lang.php with the following result when they try to login:

[Image: suspended.jpg]
I can't find any instances of "banned" that would be used in the top pic using Agent Ransack - any ideas folks?

I'm kinda stuck as my members go into panic mode when they see one their friends banned when it's only a temp suspension.

I'm not really concerned that a permanent ban would show as a temp suspension.
Under group 'Banned' (in the Admin CP) - set the usertitle to "Temp Suspension"... or something.
Thanks Ben - right on - I'll get the hang of this sooner or later.
Feel free to ask any questions your stuck on, that's why we're here and your able to learn along the way.