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Full Version: Why are you guys recommending 777 directories?
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Why are you guys recommending 777 directory permissions in the install guide?
That's a NO,NO,NO,NO,NO!!!
Please change that, some people may actually follow that advice.
Directories should be 755, or at worst, 775, but NEVER 777.
Paranoid here...
Feel free to submit a Pull Request:

The only reason it lists 777 is because of rubbish (often free) web hosts which quite a lot of people using MyBB seem to gravitate towards sometimes.
Yes, there are a significant number of hosts which are set up in such a way that PHP won't be able to write to a directory that is not 777. It could be updated to say try 755 or 775 and see what works, but from experience a lot of hosts still end up needing 777.
I've submitted your modification to the install guide. View PR here.

Thanks for your feedback.