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Full Version: Fatal Error: String Offset in Credits.php
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This seems to be an issue in MyBB 1.8.12 and has persisted up to MyBB 1.8.15
AdminCP -> Home -> MyBB Credits
Quote:Fatal error: Cannot use string offset as an array in /path/admin_dir/modules/home/credits.php on line 77
In 1.8.12, the error is being reported on line 76.

Can't reload or refresh "mybb_credits" cache in 1.8.15 since it spits out that error when you click on "reload cache" and the cache option doesn't exist in 1.8.12.
AdminCP -> Tools & Maintenance -> Cache Manager

Since I don't visit the credits page in the AdminCP very often, I'm not sure when this issue occurred or if this is an bug that went undetected till now.
it will be fixed in forthcoming release of MyBB