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Full Version: Member Profile shows Birthdate - need to turn this off
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I have installed this out of the box and like what I see so far except for one thing.

If I look at a member's profile I can see their age and birthdate. I want to turn this off. My birthdate is nobody's business.

I edit my profile (both on this BBS and my own) and there is no way to "hide" it like I can hide my email address.

Please advise where / how I can turn this off.
User CP --> Edit Profile --> set Date of Birth Privacy to "Hide Age and Date of Birth", or you can just click on the date of birth dropdowns and select the empty (top) option. If you're wanting to do this globally,

ACP --> Templates & Style --> Templates (side menu) --> Select your template --> Member templates --> member_profile. Find and remove the following:

					<strong>{$lang->date_of_birth}</strong> {$membday} {$membdayage}<br />
Wires - Thanks for making me feel like an old fool! Smile Of course when I posed my question I was not looking at the User CP > Edit Profile but was looking at the Edit Profile from the Admin CP login. I was able to hide the DOB (but leave the age) on both this forum and the one I am building.

Thanks again for assisting, and even offering the code solution! For the first time in my LIFE I can say that I got help from a teenager where I am supposedly the compute geek in my circles - for over 30 years!