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Full Version: Disable forum and thread subscriptions
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Hello everyone!

After reading this thread,i went to modify the values but i can find users that have even 3 instead of 2 and many have also 1 .

Could you please explain me what 3,2 and 1 mean?

I am trying to disabling the forum and thread subscriptions for all of the members on my forum.

My second question would be,is there any trick to modify the subscription message sent via email to the subscribed users?

If i am able to modify the message,then i don't need to modify the subscriptions.

Thankyou in advance!


nobody can help me ?
1. is subscribed with no notification.
2. is subscribed with email notification.
3. is subscribed with PM notification.
Ok,thanks,i will update them.

And is it possibile to leave them subscribed but change the email message that they recieve?
You want to stop sending email or change the mail content?
I would like to change the email content,the description of the email.

Because,if it is possibile to change the email content,i would leave them subscribed.

Find and edit the content in your 'message.lang.php'

For Subjects:

For contents:
Hello brother!

Thanks for replying,your answer has solved my problem.

I would like to say you a big thanks and ++++rep.

Kind regards!
Hello everyone!

Running MyBB 1.8.23

After reading this thread, I had modify the values but still emails are sent to users who have subscribed to certain forums.

I am trying to disable the forum and thread subscriptions for all of the members on my forum and stop sending emails.

Thank you for the help!
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