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Full Version: Limit sign up emails to that of a precreated text or sqlite3 list?
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Apologies if this is not in the appropriate area.

I'm using MyBB as a support forum for an existing service, and I only want people who are part of that existing service to be able to sign up, explicitly limiting myBB forum subscriptions to those addresses only.

I can either have the email addresses as a plain text file, or as a sqlite3 DB; but I suppose my question is, is it possible for myBB to check against that list for vetting people trying to sign up?

You could probably use this plugin, I've not used it myself though so be warned:

It allows for creating a whitelist of email carriers who can register on your forum, and seems to use wildcard formats too, so you could specify exact email addresses possibly.
Thank you for that. Precisely the sort of thing I was looking for.

Update: Unfortunately it seems like they're using php 5.4+ type syntax (square brackets), so looks like a bit more work ahead, thank you again.