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Full Version: change custom report reasonings
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i tried changing the report reasons in report_reasons template in default templates, however it takes no effect when you go to report. Those options are not there. Its like it is using a cmopletely different template.

report reasons template

	<td class="trow1" align="left" style="width: 25%"><span class="smalltext"><strong>{$lang->report_reason}</strong></span></td>
	<td class="trow1" align="left">
		<select name="reason" id="report_reason">
			<option value="rules">{$lang->report_reason_rules}</option>
			<option value="bad">{$lang->report_reason_bad}</option>
			<option value="spam">{$lang->report_reason_spam}</option>
			<option value="wrong">{$lang->report_reason_wrong}</option>
			<option value="cheat">{$lang->report_reason_cheating}</option>
			<option value="other">{$lang->report_reason_other}</option>

but yet i only get the defaults shown in the screenshot

What version of MyBB are you using? Such a template hasn't been used since around 1.8.7. There is now a page in the ACP where all report reasons can be handled quite easily in the latest version of MyBB. I'd suggest upgrading.
oh ok that is why, i am using 1.8.7.

well does anyone know the old method fix?
Is there a solution to MyBB version 1.8.7 without upgrading?
You better upgrade to latest version ASAP.
If nothing; just for the sake of security reasons, at least.
We have 60+ plugins active, many core changes, that it would be a nightmare to upgrade. The OS needs upgrading too (old Ubuntu LST version). We were trying to wait out for mybb 2.0 if possible before the upgrading as its going to be a massive amount of work. We are making VPS snapshots every 4 hours as a backup in case of hacking, etc. But it took us a good couple years to customize MyBB to the way we want it, nobody wants to upgrade as we have to start from scratch again. I attempted some upgrades awhile ago and ended up just reinstating the latest snapshot as it broke the forums.

So that is why we have been sitting on 1.8.7 for so long.
Not wanting to upgrade because it's simply too much work is pretty reckless and to a certain degree, puts your user's data at risk IMO. Needless to say that the said upgrades include important security patches.

Honestly, the advise your gonna get around here is probably not gonna be any different. Disable all plugins, do the upgrade, re-apply the core edits (and/or use the patches plugin), and fix your plugins.
At this current point the forums would be down and/or unusable if i took on this task. And i nor other admins want to do that until MyBB 2.0 to be worth while. I also found out about the patches plugin only after doing all the core edits manually. So there is no list of core edits to be applied after upgrading. We would have to re-figure out everything all over again.

If i could redo everything all over again, i would of used patches plugin, and defined every core edit i or other admins have ever done in the past 3 years. I would of also logged everything changed so i could redo that when upgrading. I would of also upgraded at each minor version/bug version along the way. But when i started i didnt know we would of modified MyBB so much.

At this point admins, mods, and users would rather have the forums up and running than offline or unusable tinkering with it to update it. Ive made server clones of the forum to try to tinker with it without down time, but other issues arise then.

This is a non-profit; no money changing hands forum. Users usually do not pass 5 posts as they ask one question and leave. Only a hand full of us answer questions and stick around.

I let a board of users make the decision. Everyone down voted the upgrade due to possible downtime or issues until mybb 2.0. Not to mention none of us are MyBB/PHP proficient. So though i started the forum its more of a democratic process in decision making. And the decision was to wait for MyBB 2.0 based on all the above.

I dont understand why this cannot be answered? On our forum if someone asked a question of an outdated version....we would inform them that it is outdated, but also give them the information they need based on the version they are using.
It seems you've missed the whole point as to why we're instructing you to upgrade. At the very least, just for security updates which trumps what you're trying to do here IMO . I don't think you've thought this through at all...

You do realise you've shot yourself in the foot. MyBB is progressively upgrading to MyBB 2.0, hence why the old development plan was scrapped. You're not progressively upgrading, you're stuck on MyBB 1.8.7, meaning there's going to be a huge gap between your forum version and 2.0 when it comes around. You think upgrading to 1.8.21 from 1.8.7 will be hard? Wait until you try upgrading from 1.8.7 to 2.0 Big Grin You'll actually probably have to upgrade in small version jumps instead of jumping straight to 2.0. You see where I'm going with this? You've fallen on a double-edged sword. The longer you wait, the harder it is.

Quote:I let a board of users make the decision. Everyone down voted the upgrade due to possible downtime or issues until mybb 2.0.

Essentially, the importance of security upgrades isn't as important as yours or your board's time, is what you're saying. I know my users would rather have the forum down for a day or two whilst I upgrade, rather than basically inviting malicious users in to take all my data. You might as well put a sign up saying "hack me now".

To answer your question, off the top of my head I actually can't remember how to do this without actually peaking around an old version of MyBB. We're also suggesting you upgrading because this is handled much easier in the newer versions of MyBB, but that's the least of your problems at the moment.
I was planning on pulling the database and implementing it into a fresh  OS and mybb 2.0 install and start from scratch there. Then its a one time hiccup and headache instead of numerous. Then at that point upgrade each time to make sure i dont get stuck in this problem again.
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